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About Blockpost


Blockpost is a first-person shooter game you can't afford to miss. Your task is to destroy all other enemies with your team. Let's fight now

The newest first-person shooter game that is available for free on both mobile devices and desktop computers is called Blockpost. This game is a great illustration of how cubic 3D gaming visuals can be smoothly incorporated into the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. You will face other gamers from around the globe in heated online firefights. You won't get tired of Blockpost since there are seven distinct game types and more than twenty different maps to select from. Choose your weapon, then join the battle. Additionally, Blockpost will give you the chance to unlock and improve more than a hundred different kinds of guns. You level up and unlock new weapons and things more quickly the longer you play. You may significantly improve your chances of winning by inviting your friends to participate in the pleasure of this game.

Blockpost's gameplay mechanics and scoring

Every level of Blockpost's universe contains cubes. The teams will battle against one another in each table (can be 2 or more teams). Utilizing your knife or weapon, puts an end to the enemy's life. Additionally, there will be undiscovered boxes scattered around the battlefield; all you need to do to expand your armament is locate and open them. The total points will be divided among the winners based on the results of each round. Your ranking will determine how many points you get, and vice versa. You will score more points if you have a better rank; likewise, you will get less points if you have a lower rating. There is no need to worry, however, since your experience level will keep rising after each brutal battle.

The gameplay will mostly centre on the first-person shooter genre, and you'll be able to utilize both guns and knives as weapons. The action in the game goes very rapidly, so you'll need to maintain your focus the whole time.


Instead of following the popular Battle Royale trend as seen in Rules of Survival, Ring of Elysium, or PUBG, Blockpsot offers a traditional but nonetheless entertaining shooting setting. You can move around freely to find targets and eliminate them with extreme precision in the vast, intricate, and busy game area.

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