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Adventure Miner


About Adventure Miner


Adventure Miner is an extremely attractive unique mining game that gives players great sublimation moments. Are you ready to mine all the gems?


Travel the world and extract precious minerals.

Adventure Mine is a straightforward and fun casual game that everyone may play. Indefinitely mine ore and return the finished product to the ports for profit. There, you may also upgrade your axe and ore factory.

Upgrade to a more powerful mining axe.

Moving on to new zones is connected with better rewards but harder resources. Because of this, you must continually update your axe to be a genuine miner! You'll know the rocks are growing harder when it takes a while to cut through a single block.

Utilize all of the benefits offered by each zone.

There are several upgrades all around the area that may be utilized to mine ore and obtain gold coins. You also get a boost that significantly increases your area of impact and speed when the boost bar is completely filled.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • To move press the arrow keys or WASD.

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