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Slope Legacy

About Slope Legacy


Let's start a rolling journey in the latest version called Slope Legacy. Enjoy a familiar but new space with attractive music in this game right now!

Conquer the slopes in Slope Legacy

If you are a lover of thrilling speed rolling, you cannot miss this game. In this version, you will have a familiar but also new journey. Join us to discover what's new!

Control the ball rolling downhill

Slope Legacy's mechanics and gameplay are no different from the original version. You control the direction of the ball rolling with the arrow keys. Or on the side of the slope is an abyss. It doesn't have a railing, so if you miss your momentum, the ball will fall into the pool immediately.

Set score records

You control the ball and try to set records in the game Slope Legacy. To achieve high scores you need to have professional ball control skills. In addition to being agile in every situation, you need a smart strategy. Roll the ball while collecting gems. They help you buy useful upgrades.

The ball moving quickly is a challenge for all players. The exciting sound will make you feel excited to start a speedy journey. But it will also make you lose focus sometimes. So try to stay calm to control the ball moving in balance on the slope.

One way to help you improve your score is to practice consistently. Once you have good control of the rolling ball, your score will gradually improve. The more you practice, the higher your score will be each time you play.

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