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Tunnel Rush

About Tunnel Rush


Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of Tunnel Rush game. In this game, players must navigate through an endless tunnel full of obstacles and try to get as far as possible to get a high score.

How to play Tunnel Rush game

The game is set in an endless colorful 3D tunnel. Once you start the game, you will find yourself in a vibrant and ever-changing tunnel. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and navigate through the tunnel.

Try not to hit any obstacles appearing in your path. React quickly and steer to avoid any collision. Even a single crash can lead to failure and you will have to start all over again.

In this game, you will move forward automatically and the speed also increases when you get further. And that requires you to enhance your skills to earn the highest score. At some point, you will move extremely fast!

There will be rotating barriers, moving platforms, walls, falling objects, narrow gaps, and many more. You must have precise timing and quick reactions to overcome them all. 

Game Controls:

  • Left/right arrow or A/D to move left/right.
  • Space to pause.

Get ready for a journey through the unknown depths of the tunnel. Share with us how far you can reach in this fast-paced action game!

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