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Crazy Flips 3D

About Crazy Flips 3D


In the amazing sports game Crazy Flips 3D, you can perform excellent acrobatics including fronts, backs, and somersaults to score goals from high cliffs

Crazy Flips 3D features a figure who is trying to defy gravity's laws. Because of how realistic the character anatomy and environment physics of someone jumping over a cliff and landing on a little target are, the game's challenge is so intriguing.
Timing the press and release of the left mouse button is the only way to control the character.

Playing Crazy Flips 3D:

When you push and hold the left click button for the first time, the character takes a launching position.
By releasing the left mouse button, the character is propelled into the air in the direction of the objective or over a wall.
Pressing and holding the left click while the character is in the air enables the character to tuck into an aerial flip.
When the character is flipping into its landing position and you let off of the left mouse button, the character will be in that position.

How to succeed:

The game offers 100 points for a flip if the player's character lands in a standing position. Each square of the little targets is worth a varying amount of points depending on how difficult it is to land. every level when the character has acquired the necessary number of points.
Every level has extra obstacles like landing on an obstacle or falling after jumping over a bridge!

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