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Sushi Party

About Sushi Party


Sushi Party is an awesome Kawaii-style game. The goal is to get other snakes in the arena to lunge at you. The bigger your snake, the more sushi it will eat.

Your objective as a snake competing in an online arena with other snakes is to consume sushi, expand, and defeat your rivals. Play this snake game in kawaii style right away!

Savor the never-ending smorgasbord

Eat ice cream, sushi, ramen, and other delectable foods as you slink about the map. Since you have an insatiable appetite, keep eating to help your snake reach its maximum size.

Remove trespassers

Your goal includes preventing other snakes from hitting you so they can smash into you. When you do this, they pass away, allowing you to take all of the food they have consumed. The prize is juicier the fatter the snake is!

Discover new party attire

Sushi Party offers a variety of milestones that vary from eating 50 crap to 500 sushis. Every accomplishment you complete successfully rewards you with a treasure box including a variety of headwear. When you have enough unlockable items, you may test out your new hats at the hat shop.


  • SushiSnake is made by Terminach.

Release Date

  • November 2019

How to play

Player One Controls

  • You may move the snake by using your mouse.
  • Using the left mouse button will increase the speed.

Player controls: two

  • Player 1 moves with the arrow keys.
  • Player 2 moves by using ESDF


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