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Air Wars 3

About Air Wars 3


Air Wars 3 is a game that allows you to participate in extremely fiery air battles. You control your fighter plane to destroy the enemies to occupy the base.

You may fly and fire down the planes of other players in the amazing fighting aircraft flight game known as Air Wars 3. is a website where you may play this game for free online. Launch yourself into the air, hunt for adversaries to blow up, and try to take the flag to get points for your side. Remember that you'll be under fire from all sides, so mastering the art of flight will be essential to extend your time on earth.

Earn money to improve the speed, gun damage, reload time, and many other aspects of your aircraft, or just buy a new jet to become unstoppable. There are a lot of people in this online air warfare game who are similar to you, so be ready to show them who's.

The Rules of Air Wars

You may either make your own custom game or join a gaming room of your choosing. Create an account for free to preserve your progress. Air Wars 3's controls are simple to use and straightforward, so you can start fighting right away!

Attack opposing aircraft once you can fly and seize their flag. There are several 3D maps to discover, take control of, and rule.

Progress in the game

The awards in Air Wars 3 can help you progress from a beginner to a skilled pilot. Leaderboards are available so you may follow your development. You'll be able to fly new aircraft as you play and succeed in more games. Any aircraft, including the one you start with, can have upgrades such as speed and weapon power added.


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Simple-to-use controls
  • No account is necessary to play
  • When you win more games, additional planes become available.
  • Improve your aircraft to get an edge.


  • Mouse / left-click: aim/shoot
  • C or right-click: cockpit view
  • W or up arrow key: boost speed
  • AD or left and right arrow keys: turn
  • S: slow down
  • Esc: Menu
  • P: toggle advanced graphics

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