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Angry Birds Rio


About Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds Rio is the most loved game by all children ever, with this completely new version you will have completely new and attractive experiences.

Angry Birds is a game developed by Rovio Entertainment. Rio is the third installment in the hugely popular Angry Birds Games series, which we know you all love and play on our website on a regular basis, and this special edition was a crossover with the movie Rio, which also features animated birds and other animals, so the pairing was ideal when the game and movie were released in 2011. You may now play it for free on our website straight from your computer or mobile device, and if you haven't played many of these puzzle-shooting games before, we encourage you to read this article all the way to the conclusion so you can give it your all!

Angry Birds: Rio is one of the finest video game and film adaptations ever!

The plot of this game is based on the movie, with Red, Chuck, and the Blues being abducted and transported to Rio by the Smugglers, who were instructed to do so by the wicked cockatoo Nigel. You must now assist the birds in escaping their captors through a series of stages in which you must fire their foes in order for them to fly away!

How to play Angry Birds Rio:

The birds will be placed on a slingshot, and you will use the mouse to pull it back while holding it, adjusting the angle at which you want to discharge the birds, as well as the power, since the more you draw the slingback, the faster you will be able to send them out. Aim and fire in such a manner that you strike the platforms with the different Rio foes.

You can only shoot a certain number of birds at every level to clear it, and you can only complete the stages if you eliminate all of the adversaries. To achieve this, aim for the platforms as well as explosives or objects that might generate a chain reaction, allowing you to damage numerous foes with a single shot.


  • Drag the mouse and aim to shoot at the cages of birds that need to be rescued

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