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Bacon May Die

About Bacon May Die


Bacon May Die is a chaotic fighting game where you transform into the character of a pig trying to fight off hungry enemies who crave you. Show off your attack.

An action-packed sidescrolling fighting game featuring intuitive thumb combat controls, 100 unlocked costumes and weapons, boss fights, appealing cartoon 2D visuals, and fluid run-and-shoot gameplay is available from the creator of Iron Snout.

Fight skeletons, monsters, and zombies

Our angry warrior pig will encounter many evil and frightening monsters on the sidescrolling path to survival, all of which must be eliminated. Our lethal killer ninja pig will engage in combat with mutant zombie bunnies, bunny bandits, bombers, rocket-firing foes, and other hog fighters in the woodland arena. Rush through the most dangerous dungeon, which is filled with terrible enemies including bone throwers and eerie skeleton swordsmen.

100+ things to be unlocked

A lot of different goodies are available in the entertaining 2D brawl game Bacon May Die to reward your piggy kung fu prowess and survival abilities. By collecting money from monster battles, you may unlock amusing costumes that let you transform your furious pig into a well-known video game or movie character.

A wide selection of weaponry is at your disposal to help your irate pig hero! You may unlock and utilize such ranged weapons as a pistol, revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, ninja stars, and even a bee launcher in this entertaining 2D battle game! If you prefer physical close combat, you can choose from a wide variety of lethal melee weapons, including a baseball bat, sword, scythe, guitar, chainsaw, katana, pan of bacon, and other effective zombie-fighting equipment.

Enjoyable details

There are several hidden mechanisms. You may hire a chicken to be your follower pet and fight by your side in this pig survival game, hijack an enemy jet and fly it about the arena firing rockets, or just shoot missiles back at your enemies! The most recent update introduced a medic NPC, who will give your furious pig warrior health and superpowers!

How to play

  • Player 1: Move and fight - arrow keys Shoot - press and hold left/right arrow.
  • Player 2: Move and fight - WASD Shoot - press and hold A/D.

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