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Ball Giant Rush

About Ball Giant Rush


Join the Ball Giant Rush game to enjoy exciting ball rolling. Your task is to control your ball to collect balls of the same color to reach the finish line.

Game genre

Ball Giant Rush is a fun ball rolling themed arcade game. You can play this game whenever you have free time.

Game missions

You control a ball in the game Ball Giant Rush. Your goal is to develop it by collecting balls of the same color. To raise your team's new level, try to get your ball to the finish line.

How to control the ball

You use the mouse to drag the ball left or right.

Some suggestions for you

Playing the game requires quick reflexes, dexterity and precision to avoid colored balls and advance. To speed up your ball growth, focus on collecting groups of balls that are the same color as you.

Once your shadow is big enough, the walls can be torn down.

Your ball will get smaller and smaller until you fail if it collides with other colored balls.

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