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Balloon Pop

About Balloon Pop


Balloon Pop is a fun dart game. You need to shoot and explode all the balloons. Make use of your number of darts and complete the mission in each level.

There are multiple stages in the game and each stage has its own objective and time limit. With the arrow gun that will be given to you, you must modify the direction and force of the shot to hit the flying balloons. Every balloon you shoot will get you points. If the dart misses or runs over an obstacle, you will lose points. To improve your shooting ability, you can also collect support items such as bombs, watches, and special arrows. Your goal is to complete each level with the highest score possible.


Darts come in many different forms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, rocket guns can shoot multiple balloons at once but are very expensive. Single darts have high accuracy but poor shooting power. The three-arrow dart has tremendous shooting power but low accuracy. some points, etc.

The colors of the bubbles are important to note because they have an impact on your score. If you shoot balloons of the same color as the arrows, you will score more points. If you shoot balloons of different colors, you will score less points. Also, avoid black balloons because they will darken the screen and make it harder to see.

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