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Basket Monsterz

About Basket Monsterz


Basket Monsterz is a fun-throwing game with cartoon characters that lack fun. The top matches will be created by you when participating in this game.

The fantastic basketball shooting game Basket Monsterz has adorable cartoon monster creatures. You may play as a variety of creatures, such as Bigfoot and Satan! You have to compete in a basketball competition and advance through each round by competing for 1on1 against other monsters. You must try to make as many baskets as you can in the allocated time throughout each game. To aim to build up power, and construct the ideal firing arc use your mouse. To unleash your shot when you've lined it up press the left mouse button. The winner is the first person to reach 11 points, which is earned for each basket scored. You earn stars for winning matches, and you may spend these stars to buy new monster characters. Can you improve your basketball abilities and take home the big trophy?


  • You can play this game online either on a desktop or mobile browser.


  • DParrot is the developer of this game.


  • Move your mouse to aim, left click to shoot.

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