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Basketball Line

About Basketball Line


Basketball Line is a fun game where balls need you to draw lines to help that ball into the basket. The difficulty is increased after each level, be careful.

In Basketball Line, sketching meets everyone's favorite sport, basketball. Forget about trying to avoid colliding with players on the opposite squad! Your pen is your most valuable possession in this game. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, therefore let's get started sketching some lines as soon as possible. How long can you maintain the current pace and continue to score points without missing any?

You have just entered the most bizarre basketball court in the world. There is neither an audience nor any players on the floor. You, your pen, a basketball, and a hoop are the only things there. Because this game is all about sketching, we hope you have confidence in your creative ability. Good luck! The goal of this activity is to draw lines in such a way that the basketball gets to the basket without crashing to the ground. You may create lines by clicking and dragging the left button of your mouse, but try not to go overboard! You are not allowed to doodle as much as you would want! You have a limited supply of ink, and by glancing at the top portion of the screen, you can see how many pens you still have available to use. You may also check the level you're currently playing on, which is an additional factor in determining your score. Are you sick and tired of the traditional appearance of your basketball? You have the power to alter it! In some states, you'll see that there are diamonds scattered everywhere about the basket. You'll need to hit them with your ball in order to collect them. You may purchase new basketballs with the gems you earn from playing the game in the in-game store. There is a total of six balls, and each one has different pricing. Are you able to unlock each one? Are you able to improve upon your previous best score and get through the game with no deaths?


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • 6 different ball types to unlock and use
  • Colorful 2D graphics

How to play

  • Keep holding down the left button on your mouse. Move it around to design a path for the ball to follow as it travels.

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