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About BitLife


The first game that lets you choose the life you want is BitLife. Can you navigate to a new life with all the right decisions? Choose the life you want.

Players manage a stranger's whole life in the life simulation game BitLife. It was provided by Candy Writer, a free program that, although comparatively unheard of on Google Play, had a big impact on the video game industry. BitLife allows users to explore what would happen if they majored in acting or what they would do in their older years through a set of instructions, random events, and humor.

The gameplay is simple and largely similar to those of other simulation games. You will determine each character's actions during the course of the game rather than their conversation. For instance, at the age of 18, you may determine that a character would enroll in college to pursue a particular degree or even join the military.

Health, happiness, attractiveness, and intellect are the game's four core character attributes. The most important factor, in my opinion, is health since you can only do more when you are well. You may improve your appearance with makeup, clothes, and accessories in addition to plastic surgery. Your IQ will rise if you go to school. Making the wrong choice occasionally may also scare the cops, but tragically, you are beaten and killed while trying to catch the criminals.

How to play

The game's rules are really simple; all you have to do is choose actions that are acceptable for the character's age. Because you can use your phone or computer to play it, it is really convenient. In the beginning, time started.

You start BitLife in an unnamed country with parents who are responsible for raising you. As a newborn, you weren't exposed to much of the outside world; your only option was to visit the doctor. The world starts to open up as you get older. You can begin asking for money or spending time with your parents at the age of four. You start elementary school at age 6.

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