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Block the Pig


About Block the Pig


In the entertaining puzzle game Block the Pig you must use hexagonal blocks to capture pigs. Find a way to capture the pig as soon as you can.

You have to totally block the cunning pig in the standalone puzzle game Block the Pig. You must construct a hexagonal maze out of stone blocks to prevent the pig's attempt to escape. After the first three blocks are put down, add another block after the pig makes a move. Since winning the game has become increasingly difficult as the rounds progress, make a plan in advance.

Tips and Trick

  • The pig will probably utilize the first three exits, so try to block them.
  • If the current stones are too scattered and leave too much open space between them, placing your stones in the middle of the existing stones will at least prolong the pig's route. Try to construct "corridors" that are only one stone wide in order to subsequently halt them (depending on where the pig decides to move)
  • Predefined stones are essential since sometimes the task is simple and just three additional movements are required to stop the pig. There may be times when the work feels challenging (unfortunately, you go right back to the beginning after the failed level).

How to play

  • Click on the tiles to set a block's location.

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