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Block Toggle


About Block Toggle


Block Toggle is an interesting puzzle game with many levels. You need to press an appropriate number to create a path. Make your way to the rotor door.


At the end of each level, your goal is to reach the gate safely. There are many types of blocks in the game and each type has different functions. To make roads for your character, you must learn how to put blocks together. There are many types of additional blocks added to the game and the game becomes even more difficult. Certain blocks will appear and disappear when jumping, while others will disappear permanently when stepped on. You will learn how to pass each new block type in the game and then combine them.


Using the 1/2/3 keys, you must turn the number blocks on and off to progress the stick figure through the levels.
To move and jump, you must use the arrow keys or WASD keys.

Some tips for playing the Block Toggle game

Remember that you can activate and deactivate number blocks at any time. You can combine jumping and moving the selected number. This will assist you in creating new routes and prevent falling from cliffs.

Before turning number blocks on and off, pay attention to them. Certain blocks will have different colors to indicate whether they will disappear when you step on them or whether they will appear and disappear when you jump. Use these building bricks to overcome obstacles.

Try combining different number blocks by experimenting with them. In certain levels, you will have to turn several number blocks on and off simultaneously to create a path for your character.

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