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About Bloxorz


Bloxorz is an engaging puzzle game that stimulates players like never before. Your task is to overcome challenges to show your intelligence. Let's just enter

These days, pressure and exhaustion are a constant part of our existence. We experience academic success pressure when we are young. We get weary of the demands of employment as adults. As a result, we are always seeking for a method to get away from life's problems. By playing this Bloxorz game, you may relax and unwind while also relieving tension and strain. The puzzles are intriguing and will keep you entertained.

We constantly desire to be free of life's responsibilities. Similar to our objective, the object of this game is to assist the box remove the platforms. You must maneuver your cube with the arrow keys in this game. If you don't want to play this game again, be cautious not to fall into the abyss when moving. When you can get to the red square on the platform, the level is finished.

The game's obstacles seem to be straightforward to overcome. It is more difficult than you may imagine, however. The protagonist of this puzzle game is a rectangular block whose length is twice as wide as its breadth. We've also broken up our platforms into little squares, each of which has an area equal to the top surface of the rectangular box. When moving the block, you must determine if its length, breadth, and the number of squares on the platform are all equal. You will also lose if you lay a block that is one square in size.

Additionally, this game contains several unique squares on various levels that may grant you superpowers to do tasks.

You are able to increase the platform area by using the square with the green circle.

You can convert the rectangular box into a cube with the aid of a purple square with an arrow pointing inward.

You can change your character back to the way it was, from a cube to a rectangular box, using the purple square with an arrow pointing out.

Blue circles in the square may assist you to vanish and travel to the default location.

The blue circled square's default location is the square with the orange circles. This is where you come back to after going away.

You may go forward one tile in the direction of the blue arrow by using the square with the arrow. Depending on which way the arrow is pointing, you may go to the right, left, up, or down.

This game includes many stages with differing difficulties. Every level has a distinctive platform that varies in size and design. This straightforward couplet game is enjoyable and difficult due to the diversity of platform forms. The following level will be more challenging than the one before it. Can you complete this game's levels? Put yourself to the test!

On both desktop and mobile browsers of our website, this game is accessible. You are accessible at all times and locations. Enjoy your day!

How to play Bloxorz:

  • To ascend, use the up arrow key.
  • Move down with the down arrow key.
  • To go to the left, use the left arrow key.
  • To go to the right, use the right arrow key.

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