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Blue Vortex


About Blue Vortex


Are you ready to accept the challenge that the Blue Vortex game brings? This is a fast-paced game that challenges your hand agility and eye speed.

You think this game will have a ball for you to control right? I had the same thought at first but when I entered the game I was surprised when there was no ball, you will need to overcome the barriers with your mouse pointer.

The barriers will be changed to make you unpredictable, the time will be calculated above you move the longer the better. The longer the time passes, the faster the speed, the circle will make you dizzy. It is these characteristics that make players excited for their aggressiveness. If you are confident you can completely send challenges to other players around the world.


You must move at fast speeds while brazenly navigating a deep, dark, and never-ending road. Your goal is to go the furthest distance possible by shattering all of the records that have been established to this point.

How to play

In this game, you use the mouse to play and move the mouse pointer between the barriers.

After trying out this game I had to upload it right away because I know that my great players will love this game too. Although I played a lot of games and was quite confident with my reflexes, I could only go 10 seconds. And you, how long have you been playing? Please leave a comment to let me know.

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