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Bob the Robber 1

About Bob the Robber 1


Bob the Robber 1 is the game that dominates the top spot for the puzzle series. You will have to overcome many challenges to be able to escape dangerous traps

You're able to pull off a number of daring heists in Bob the Robber 1! Bob enjoys helping others by making use of his skills for unlocking and deterring theft. He grew up hearing fascinating stories about the brave Robin Hood. The first game in the series, titled Bob the Robber 1, tells the story of the protagonist's introduction to the world of thieving. In this journey, you'll run across sentinels, surveillance cameras, dangerous guard dogs, and shadowy figures. Put your mask on and proceed cautiously through the phases. Being silent and moving covertly is the first rule of being a successful thief!

The gameplay of Bob the Robber 1 may be enjoyed by everyone. The two most noticeable components of the game are stealth and puzzles. As you go through the levels, you will encounter closed doors, hidden treasure, fearsome sentinels, and dangerous guard dogs. Be silent! If you hear a squeak, you could fall apart. The theft at each stage must be completed covertly. You'll need to go past the security guards so you can open the door. Bob is a proficient and crafty thief who always carries a trustworthy padlock in his pocket. When the moment is right, put the locking pin into the gap to release the mechanism and open the door. On certain levels, you'll need to turn the laser off. Cut the cable in the appropriate fuse box after locating it. The guards lacked awareness of their surroundings and tended to roam with excessive confidence. That is a failing! Bob may withdraw into the shadows and wait for the right moment to take down the guards. Now that the security officers are gone, Bob is free to proceed. However, things could not go as planned if one of the several security cameras manages to film you! Hide in the shadows, climb the stairs, or sprint up and take a position directly in front of the camera to avoid being spotted. It almost came to pass! The next time, use a little more caution since you won't be able to set an alarm.

How to play

To play this game is quite simple you just need to combine mouse and keyboard to move your character

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