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Bomber 3D

About Bomber 3D


Belonging to the action game genre that can combine 2 players Bomber 3D is a game with an extremely large number of players worldwide today.

This is not a typical third-person shooter in 3D; instead, it is a third-person shooter that can be played online by two people at the same time. in which we have provided you with special explosives and abilities that will make your character more suitable to win the game. These weapons and abilities will make your character more suitable to win the game. You will discover that there will be a total of four distinct stages, each of which will feature a selection of varying sizes from which you can select. One of the stages will be comprised of greenery and forests, another will be contained within masonry walls, a fourth will be comprised of wheat, and the fifth will be a snow-covered winter setting.

Size Information

There is no fixed size for any of the stages they can be small, medium, large, or even huge X. This allows you to have more space to conceal from your opponents and even more locations where you can position hidden explosives that can demolish their mine. We are positive that you will have a good time if you take the necessary precautions in this brand-new Bomer 3D game for two players to ensure that you will be able to eliminate your foes before they can do the same to you. Excellent, and you can look forwards to scoring a lot of points with all of your other buddies who will be participating in the game.

Addictive gameplay

Player 1

  • Use the WASD keyboard to move
  • Use space to place bombs

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use the ENTER key to place bombs

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