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Bomber Friends


About Bomber Friends


Bomber Friends is a game that is very close to many generations of video game players. Show your skills to overcome all the obstacles. Just play now.

Game Modes

  • Play against a variety of creatures in normal mode.
  • Play against robots equipped with cutting-edge technology in Robot Quest.
  • Playing versus US presidential candidates is referred to as the US Presidential Challenge.
  • Fullscreen accessible

The original Bomberman games served as the basis for the development of Bomber Friends, a video game in which the player assumes control of a character and must use a mix of ability and reasoning to progress through a number of stages. The objective of each level is to navigate the labyrinth in such a way as to avoid obstacles and use your explosives to destroy the structures that stand in your way. You will not be able to reach the exit unless you first locate a key that will open the last door and then beat any enemies that stand in your way.

You have the opportunity to gather a variety of power-ups throughout each level, including an increase in the bomb's damage, more explosives, and additional lives. Make judicious use of your explosives, and keep in mind that after one has been planted, your foes will be unable to go further that point. At the conclusion of each level, you will be presented with a number of awards from which to choose, as well as opportunities to improve both the look and the performance of your character.

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