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About BombHopper


BombHopper is an extremely fun mix of puzzle-solving and skill use. Many challenging levels need your careful calculation to pass. Discover it now.

A clever combination of a skill game and a puzzle game is Bombhopper. The recoil of the explosives you are launching allows your blocky figure to move. To complete the level, try to go to the green door. The first few levels are rather simple, but as you go, the difficulty increases. In this game, timing is crucial. Aim to complete each level with three stars.

How to play

You're about to blow yourself up Bombhopper using your grenade launcher. You may explode your bomb by carefully positioning its arc with your mouse before releasing it to pass the finish line. You may occasionally have to crawl under, around, over, or even through obstacles. To avoid accidentally shooting yourself off the platform and to reach the finish line before your ammunition runs out, take caution. There is no way to restart the game, however, you may skip a level by watching the ads that show up in between them.

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