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Bridge of Doom


About Bridge of Doom


Bridge of Doom is an interesting platform game with a very unique gameplay. Transform into a character to overcome challenging roads and many monsters.

An entertaining platform game with a fresh idea is called Bridge of Doom. To assist the dwarf over the perilous bridge of doom, you must maintain control over his violent and brazen nature. On your journey, you'll run against a lot of opponents and challenges.

Your hero may be moved by just clicking; each click advances him in one place. You must click quickly to kill the goblins, but be cautious not to click too often lest you step in a trap. Move swiftly over the dangerous bridge of doom while timing your steps wisely!


  • A straightforward yet fun clicker game
  • The platforms behind you keep falling down.
  • Unending gaming
  • Monsters and obstacles in your path


  • Robert (BlackMoon) developed this game.

Release Date

  • February 2019

How to play

  • To move or attack, click the left mouse button.

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