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Bubble Fight IO

About Bubble Fight IO


Bubble Fight IO is today's multiplayer online ball shooting game that you can start at any time. There are many strong opponents who want to challenge you.

In this Bubble Shooter-style game, you and your opponent hurl colored balls to burst them using the match 3 approach, matching three or more balls of the same color. In this Bubble battle, explode the colored bubbles to win the game by popping more balls than your opponent.

The goal is to strike or create groups of at least three similar bubbles of the same hue using the mouse to aim and blast bubbles toward the pile of them in the center. As a result, the opponent's health bar is depleted, and you must entirely empty it to win while ensuring that the same does not happen to you. Both players alternate blasting their bubbles. Use the mouse to aim and fire, and keep in mind that if you don't make or strike groups, you may tilt the bubbles about by hitting them in different places, and the game will sometimes add new ones.

You also have a limited amount of time to make each turn's shot. Good luck, we hope you defeat as many people as you can, and don't stop here, since there's always more fun to be had on our website!

Features in Bubble Fight IO:

  • There are four different venues.
  • 4 fantastic boosters
  • 4 unique characters
  • Compete against opponents from all around the world!

How to play Bubble Fight IO:

  • To fire a bubble, click (or tap) and hold the mouse button.
  • When the opponent's Health Points are exhausted, you win.

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