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Bubble Hit

About Bubble Hit


Bubble Hit is a ball shooting game that is so famous that no one does not know, but with this new version, you will not be able to leave the computer.

This is one of the most loved mobile and computer puzzle games to play. The coloured balls are randomly arranged for you to show off your ball skills.
This is not only entertaining but also a game to help players practice their collective ability. There is an arrow at the bottom center of the game window. You can use your computer mouse to change the direction that this arrow points. You may discharge a fresh bubble in the direction of the arrow by clicking the left mouse button repeatedly.

Tips & Advice

An additional row of bubbles will be added to the top each time you shoot 6 more bubbles.

If a ball touches the bottom boundary, the game is over.

To bounce fresh balls at more complex angles, utilize the left and right boundaries.

Bubbles that separate from the group will also explode.

The approaching bubble will be seen in the bottom left corner.

The objective of Bubble Hit is to accumulate as many points as you can; there is no "ultimate conclusion."

How to play Bubble Hit

How to play this game is very simple just click on the big play button to start.

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