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Bubble Shooter

About Bubble Shooter


Bubble Shooter is a free casual puzzle game based on the popular puzzle game Puzzle Bobble. To explore the group, match three of the same color bubbles.

It's time to bust some colorful bubbles in Bubble Game! This popular game will appeal to gamers of all ages because of its fun and addicting gameplay. Keep your gaze fixed on the board, aim accurately, and strive for the best possible score! Are you up for this bright adventure?

Bubbles and balloons are animated, spherical objects that are a lot of fun to play with. Your goal is to burst as many bubbles as possible to get a high score in this game. Because the game has an infinite level, you should start immediately. Go to the main menu and press the play button to begin the game. The board is covered in brightly colored bubbles. You must clean the board before the bubbles reach the bottom, as in many other bubble shooters, and match three games. You may play the game with your mouse. You can see the bubble you'll toss next at the bottom of the screen. Aim with your mouse, then click on the screen to shoot when you're ready. When you hit a cluster of three or more of the same color bubbles, they will be removed from the board. You'll lose one orb if you can't clear any bubbles. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many you have. When you've used up all six orbs, the bubbles on the board will begin to travel toward the bottom.

Features in Bubble Shooter:

  • 2D graphics in vibrant colors
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Gameplay that is both addictive and enjoyable
  • At this level, you can play indefinitely.

How to play Bubble Shooter:

  • Fill the rows above your shooter with bubbles. To eliminate a bunch of bubbles from the pile, match three or more identical bubbles. The next bubble will emerge in the bottom right corner.
  • The number of bubbles you eliminate and the time it takes you to hit a match determine your score. If you miss a combo three times in a row, the rows will advance closer to you.
  • When the bubble hits the bottom of the game screen, the game is over. You'll be rewarded with a high score, which you may beat at any moment!

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