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Bubble Tower 3D

About Bubble Tower 3D


In Bubble Tower 3D In the bubble shooting game, you have to remove colored balls from a rotating cylinder surface. The Aztec in this game are amazing! Thanks to the special and innovative graphics with the spinning axis, this game brings freshness to players who love the ball-shooting genre. You can play this game right from the start because it has similar gameplay to other shooting games. To remove the balls and get to the top of the tower, try to link at least three bubbles of the same color. Is not enough activity going on? Use destructive fire and observe its effects.


  • Rotate the tower to check all angles and determine the ideal shooting position.
  • When you want to clear the field or break some challenge piles, press the fire button. Each ball in its path will be pierced by a transient fireball that is launched by pressing the fire button.
  • To increase the multiplier, try to continuously generate chains of crumbling objects. After you successfully break the chain, a floating symbol will appear for a short time. The timer will reset if you do another thread break during that period, but the multiplier will increase.
  • A new row will be created when the bubbles run out, so keep an eye out for the next balloon in the bottom left corner.

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