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Castle Woodwarf


About Castle Woodwarf


Castle Woodwarf is an idle game that offers more entertainment value than many other games. Are you confident enough to build yourself a great place to live?

In the idle simulation game Castle Woodwarf you manage the development of a Dwarven settlement. Determine the priorities for your clan, such as logging, fishing, gathering, and defense, using your strategic abilities. You also have a dragon underneath your hamlet that you sometimes have to protect from the approaching swarm of foes. Once a dwarf has received training, they will manage resources on their own. Start by hiring some dwarfs to improve your environment, chop trees, gather fish, and upgrade your castle. Your dwarves will eat more as a result of several advancements, so always remember to balance out all the requirements and have adequate fish on hand.


Domo Games a Croatian game development company produced Castle Woodwarf.

How to play

Make upgrades by clicking or tapping on an upgrade to buy it. Hire a Fisher dwarf to go to the pond and fish for food on command, or a Lumber dwarf to down trees for firewood. You may also use a gather dwarf to gather these supplies and meals.

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