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Cat Mario

About Cat Mario


Cat Mario is an entertaining side-scrolling game inspired by the famous Mario game. Players will be fooled by the unexpected traps of this game.

In this game, your goal is to pass difficult levels. In contrast to the original, this is a very unique creation. You will guide the white cat through levels full of obstacles and enemies instead of the plumber. Your dexterity and skill will be required to avoid the traps set to deceive the players. You can easily be fooled by this game if you are a regular Mario player. The game will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Some tips

Particularly for those who are familiar with playing Mario, they should pay attention and stay away from traps intended to deceive players. For example, you may be forced to slide off a cliff using a water pipe, crash into a secret box, explode into clouds, or be chased away by a turtle.

When playing this game, you should have patience and perseverance. To complete the levels in the extremely challenging and trolling Cat Mario game, you may have to play the game multiple times. Consider this a test of your mettle and an opportunity to hone your abilities.

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