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About Checkers


Checkers is a classic game of many generations and is still a favorite game worldwide. The gameplay is easy but requires your quick thinking ability.

To eliminate all of your opponent's pieces from the game board is the objective of checkers, or "Draughts." To move your pieces around the board, use your mouse. Only one tile can be moved diagonally ahead by your pieces (they always stay on the brown tiles).

You must "jump" over an opponent's piece with one of your own in order to seize it and take it off the board. Your piece may make more jumps if, after jumping, it is capable of doing so. One of your pieces will change into a King if it lands in the opponent's back row on the other side of the board. Kings are able to move and jump in any direction diagonally. In one round, they can even mix jumps forward and backward!

Tips and Tricks

Never embrace the sides. Since pieces on the sides cannot leap, novice players occasionally rely on them for protection. However, it's preferable to move your pieces in that direction. Although it may appear that you are more open to assaults from this position, taking the middle will eventually provide you with more mobility.

Keep the final row for last. The "home row" refers to the back row of checkers on either side. It's preferable to save the pieces for this row until you really need them. By keeping your home row full, you may jump and capture any enemy pieces that approach too near while also preventing your opponent from constructing Kings.

Consider the big picture. You should concentrate only on moving as many pieces to the other side of the board as you can at the beginning of the game in order to assemble a team of Kings. It's ideal to have a head start in Checkers since the player who has the most kinged pieces on the board will likely win the game.

Create a barrier. When you take all of your opponent's pieces or when they are unable to move anymore, your opponent loses. Look for opportunities to build a wall around your opponent's checkers as you move your pieces across the board, but it could be a little tough at first. You will win if you successfully block the adversary.

Create a deal. If you're ahead in the game, it could be advantageous to give up or exchange some of your pieces if doing so results in gaining more adversarial pieces and moving the game forward across the board.

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