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Christmas Catcher


About Christmas Catcher


Christmas Catcher is a fun Christmas-themed gift-catching game. In this game, you control Santa Claus, holding a bag and catching gifts falling from the sky.

Game missions

You control Santa Claus on a mission to collect Christmas gifts falling from the sky using a bag. Also, you must stay away from anything dangerous like rocks, fire, wood, or bombs. Your score increases as you catch more gifts. To top the scoreboard and earn the most points, you have 60 seconds left.

Some tips

  • To catch gifts falling from the sky, move your bag quickly. The bag can be controlled with the mouse or arrow keys.
  • Stay away from pink things like rocks, fire, and explosions. If you touch them, the game will end.
  • Pay attention to gifts of different sizes and shapes. If you catch large, unique gifts like pine trees, candy canes, or gingerbread, you will score higher.
  • Try to attack the target at every level. If you complete high-value goals like addition, multiplication, or stars then you will get a lot of bonus points.
  • To challenge yourself, try playing through different levels. Playing at higher levels will be more challenging as well as more enjoyable.

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