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City Blocks

About City Blocks


City Blocks is a unique level 3 puzzle game where you will strategically build ramparts with new buildings and upgrade them to build the biggest city possible

In City Blocks, you may build a completely new city all by yourself! You've been picked as the lead architect for a major project involving the construction of a new metropolis to accommodate the growing population. The more successful your project is, the more people will be able to reside in the city. So, are you prepared for the most important endeavor of your life?

Essentially, this is a merge-three game. You must place three structures of the same type next to each other. This move will allow you to construct a larger structure from the three lesser structures.

How to play City Blocks:

  • All you have to do is click on a location on the city's property to place the new building. 
  • From the platform close to the city land, you can view the three impending structures.
  • Make sensible decisions to build as many larger buildings as feasible so that the smaller structures don't take up too much area and you don't run out of room.
  • You will see more people as new inhabitants of your city if you are an architect who can handle this strain and conserve space. Let's see how many citizens you can get before the game finishes since you're out of place on city property!

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