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Color Rope 2

About Color Rope 2


Color Rope 2 is a game that is not too strange for all ages. In this game, you will enjoy the feeling of relaxation but without missing the upgraded drama

The classic puzzle game Color Rope, in which you had to pull colourful ropes across the board, wrap them around unique pegs, and then drop them into holes of similar colours, has been upgraded to Color Rope 2. The sequel outperforms the original in every aspect, including superior controls, visuals, and level design. Can you fit each rope into its corresponding hole without causing any intersections?

How to play Color Rope 2:

The gameplay's principle is very obvious: just pull each rope by its end (marked by a circle) and insert it into the corresponding coloured hole. When there are many ropes of various colours, you must pull each one to its intended location while ensuring that none of the ropes crosses. Sometimes the holes are positioned in such a manner that you have to modify the angle and, if necessary, move around an obstruction by wrapping part of the ropes around poles.

You may drag the ropes across the level with a standard mouse or touch controller as the sequel is playable online on PCs and cellphones. Drag the rope's end to the desired location while holding down the left mouse button or your finger, and then let go as needed. Are you certain that you can complete every problem in Color Rope 2?

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