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Color Slope

About Color Slope


Color Slope is a 3D ball-rolling game that you cannot miss. You need to roll the ball avoid balls of different colors and collect balls of the same color.

Game missions

Your task in the game Color Slope is to control your ball to move on a path in the air. However, you must also avoid balls of a different color than your own on this line. Collect as many balls of the same color to increase your score.


You use the Left/Right Arrow Keys to move your ball left or right

You use the Up/Down Arrow Keys to increase or decrease the speed of the ball

Some tips for you

  • You should move the ball quickly and skillfully to overcome red blocks and other obstacles.
  • To match the curvature and slope of the track, adjust the speed of the ball accordingly.
  • Don't jump too high or too low, instead, jump up to overcome the high or low.
  • Notice the different colors on the ramp. They can serve as a signal about approaching obstacles or red blocks.

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