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Cookie Clicker City

About Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is the best stress-busting entertainment today for you to enjoy. Upgraded graphics help prevent eye strain when playing for a long time

In the game Cookie Clicker Metropolis, you must construct a contemporary city. To unlock more buildings, people, and stuff, click to make a huge quantity of cakes.

Rich homes, people, and animals are all ready to be used to fill the game's vacant land. Baking a great number of cakes is the only way to create a bustling metropolis. The largest pie on screen is the cornerstone for transforming your archaic area into contemporary times.

To make a limitless number of different cakes, just click on the largest cake on the screen. The number of cakes is shown in real-time on the system's arrival setting, immediately on the land where the biggest cake is put. You may purchase more architectural pieces if you have more cakes.

There are a total of five distinct development periods in the game.

Up to 18 buildings are at your disposal to help you grow your city and increase manufacturing efficiency. There are over 600 upgrades to get and 700 milestones to achieve in this game. There are also a host of exciting concepts that need to be explored.

How to play Cookie Clicker City:

  • Click on the biggest cake to create a huge number of cakes.
  • To buy the constructions you desire, click the home symbol.
  • To upgrade, click the arrow symbol.
  • To appreciate your city's accomplishments, click on the cup icon.
  • To tailor the game to your preferences, click the wheel icon.

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