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Crazy Roll 3D

About Crazy Roll 3D


Crazy Roll 3D is a 3D dribbling game with no end. You must steer a ball to avoid falling into the deep space while avoiding all red obstacles and barriers.

The game puts you in charge of a ball that can move throughout the gaming world. You'll have to give it all you've got so it can safely leap onto the platforms while avoiding harmful red obstacles like red squares and red walls. Gather all valuable ruby shards. You may swap these pieces for money, and the more rubies you have, the more balls you can buy in the game store.

For 100 pieces, you may buy the basketball, and if you have more than 2000, you can even buy the Earth! Crazy Roll 3D is fantastic! The beautiful graphics of Crazy Roll 3D may be seen if you play the game in full-screen mode. When you reach the 400-meter mark, the game progresses you to the next level, which includes more difficult obstacles and terrain. Are you certain that you'll be able to accomplish all of the Crazy Roll 3D challenges? Let's get straight to work on them! I wish you the most relaxing and enjoyable entertainment experiences possible.

Crazy Roll 3D: How to Play
Control the ball using the WASD or Arrow Keys.

Playing hints

  • Plan your motions while soaring through the air.
  • Maintain your place in the track's middle.
  • Maintain a record of your progress.

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