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Crowd City

About Crowd City


For those who like the sensation of conquering, Crowd City is the ultimate city hunting game. Collect white characters to become the city's most powerful squad.

A smart leader knows how to get the support of the people to follow them wherever they go. Crowd City is a fantastic and engaging game. Starting as a lone wolf, you must recruit groups behind you in this io game. Unaffiliated people abound in the city, and they need a leader to unite around. Can you be the leader in this tough and amusing game? Get out there if that's the case!

In game, your aim is to go around the city and collect as many members as possible. When the timer runs out, remove additional players or have the most participants to win the game. Before you start the game, you may choose a color for yourself so that you can readily differentiate your crowd when things become too congested on the map. There are nine vibrant colors to pick from. When you're ready to begin the competition, press the play button. Like many games, you'll see a number of other players on the map, and they all have the same objective as you.

Playing Crowd City: Tips and Tricks

Let's gather a lot of white folks to devour.
On the top, you can see how many people you have. Pay attention to the number in order to amass fewer soldiers.

What to do and how to play:

To move, press and hold the left mouse button.

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