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Description is a 3D shooting game that is worth experiencing. This is an extremely dramatic first-person game for you to participate in fiery battles.

FPS is still one of the most widely played game genres. But just a small percentage of the countless annual releases endure. Online first-person shooter CubeShot was influenced by a number of legendary forerunners. However, it also has several distinctive features that make it stand out. Join the servers to engage in tense firefights either alone or as a squad. Use a variety of powerful weapons to defeat hundreds of clever adversaries. Investigate the complex outside environment, seek refuge, and remain alive as long as you can. Climb the leaderboards to the top and claim the title of uncontested champion.


  • Exciting gameplay that is strongly rooted in reality yet never gets old.
  • There are two different free-for-all and team deathmatch types.
  • Each of the six army classes is equipped with a unique collection of lethal weaponry.
  • Simple matching enables you to play CubeShot with friends or complete strangers.
  • Gunplay that is satisfying, and character movement
  • Fans of Krunker and related projects are already acquainted with responsive controls.
  • Clear 3D graphics in a recognizable blocky style
  • Exceptional map design with plenty of interesting sites

How to play

  • Use WASD to move
  • Press Shift to crouch and Space to jump.
  • Look around by moving the mouse pointer.
  • Reserve RMB to target sights and LMB to attack.
  • Switch between different guns by rotating the roller or pressing Q and E.
  • Experiment with the available loaders to determine the most rewarding gameplay.
  • Super powerful sniper rifle, but difficult to use at short distances.
  • On the other hand, pistols are indispensable in close combat. Mastery of a variety of weapons gives an advantage in a variety of situations.

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