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About Cuphead


Cuphead is the classic shoot-and-run game released by StudioMDHR in 2017. It's been many years but it's still the game loved by most gamers in the world.

Based on the same-named Cuphead animated series, Cuphead is a fun action game that combines role-playing and adventure. If you've watched the film, you can roughly understand the suspenseful narrative, but the difficulties and suspenseful levels are surprising.

With 2D visuals and amusing character designs, the game has the cartoon aesthetic of the previous ten years. You can't take your eyes off the game despite the simple aesthetics and design, mostly because of the addictive and difficult gameplay.

The video game Cuphead was released by Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc. in September 2017. The suggested age range for playing Cuphead is just 8 years old or older, although being an action game, the violent aspect is not since too strong but somewhat comical. This type of offline game has modes and stages already installed; most players only need to take a specific path.

Style play

The Cuphead game's gameplay is relatively straightforward, and it has certain characteristics with games with a horizontal perspective like Rambo or Contra. In the game, players take control of Cuphead or Mugman to battle the Devil's debtors. In order to collect the Devil's debt and advance through the stages, the player must assault and destroy the monsters, who are actually monsters and their minions.

Simple forward, backward, leap and attack button manipulation is all that's required to play the game. Move ahead while dodging enemy assaults by controlling the back carefully. Additionally, you may continually shoot at foes by pressing and holding the Attack button, which will help you eliminate them more quickly.

In-game challenge

The character has three lives throughout each play, thus you can only strike the target a maximum of three times before failing and having to restart. Additionally, you must deal with "tough" circumstances since these "debtors" are not straightforward and frequently launch harmful attacks. Because of this, winning the opponent needs smart handling of the game, selecting the proper positioning, and seamlessly executing dodges and attacks.

The "final boss" in each level might change after being vanquished, making the game more challenging. When they change their status, they become incredibly vicious, their power increases, and they simultaneously attack the player. Therefore, we are unable to determine if the person hiding behind a weak Boss will be able to recover and grow stronger and more resilient. To prevent unfairly losing your life, stay extremely attentive when playing and always be prepared in a fighting posture.

How to play

One Player Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot
  • C to shrink
  • Z to parry
  • V to use the superpower

Two Player Controls

  • To move, player 1 uses arrow keys and player 2 uses the WASD keys
  • To parry, player 1 uses U, and player 2 uses X
  • To shoot, player 1 uses I, and player 2 uses C
  • To shrink, player 1 uses O, and player 2 uses V
  • To use a superpower, player 1 uses P, and player 2 uses B

It is clear that Cuphead is one of the captivating games that is difficult and really fun, allowing you to remember classic cartoons while also producing intriguing situations.

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