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Cuphead Rush


About Cuphead Rush


Cuphead Rush is an exciting running game with unique challenges that keep players excited to explore. In the forest, there are many traps waiting for you.

You'll bounce with your avatar in Cuphead Rush, a cute running game. Unfortunately, you won't be able to stop, so you'll keep going. Jumping over humps and obstacles is your only goal. There won't be much time to think because the character moves pretty fast. Also, you are trying to collect stars to then use them to gain access to new skins. You will definitely appreciate this game as it has well-made 2D visuals and simple gameplay. Come on, give it away!

You begin the game with Cuphead's basic, free skin, but you may unlock and purchase different ones with the stars you gather and earn along the journey. You must click or tap to have your character leap and rotate in the air; otherwise, they will go forward on their own.

Do this to fly over any pits, barriers, traps, or adversaries you come across because doing so will result in your death and force you to restart your run from scratch. Try to utilize platforms and other tools to get as many stars as you can while continuing to do a wonderful job.

How to play

  • Click to play

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