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Cut the Rope

About Cut the Rope


Cut the Rope is a game that has been so famous for generations. So far, this game has not lost its attraction to players because of its unique, exciting things.

You must also try to find the hidden goodies and gather the gold stars. This award-winning game contains challenging puzzles, amazing animations, and adorable music.

This may appear straightforward, but you must first work out the physics, which is not as simple as it may seem! Try to keep Om Nom nourished as you go through each level. Make sure to revisit each class to see if you can get three stars on all of them! Are you able to gather all of them?

Cut The Rope is the game that inspired ZeptoLab's popular comedy series Om Nom Stories. A lovely cut sequence kicks off the game. The doorbell rings, a box is on its way, and the tiny monster is starving! So the game of cutting the rope to feed the sweets to the ravenous monster begins.

How to play Cut the Rope:

  • A greedy monster. That's why you have to try to get as many stars as possible.
  • There will be three candies for monsters to eat at each level to feed the monsters.
  • This award-winning physics-based game is thrillingly entertaining collect golden stars to uncover hidden goods and unlock thrilling new stories.
  • To gain three stars, you must feed the monster all three sweets.
  • You have to pay attention to the rope's swing and plan how it will fall when you cut it.
  • You have to try to predict the path and trajectory of the swing.
  • Pay attention to the timing as it is essential - the rope must be cut at the right time to fly into the stars below.

Wish you have the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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