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Cute Tiger Cub Care


About Cute Tiger Cub Care


Cute Tiger Cub Care is a game for animal lovers to show their love, where tigers are injured in the forest waiting for you to heal.

The Blue Water Tiger is the year's symbol, as everyone knows! The color blue represents impermanence, water represents mobility, and the tiger is one of the most unpredictable and active creatures on the planet. As a result, those who aren't frightened of change, live an active lifestyle, and enjoy being on the go will be riding the horse. According to Chinese astrology, the Water Tiger is a massive supporter of focus and diligence. Let's provide a helping hand to this year's mascot, a lovely tiger cub. He's feeling a touch under the weather. We must heal him and get him ready for the new busy year! Choose adorable clothing and accessories for the tiger cub to keep his fans happy all year!

Let's look after the adorable tiger cub!

  • The medical aspect comes first, with you taking its temperature, applying a cool compress to its head, and administering some syrup. After that, use eye drops
  • and wrap him in a blanket. He'll be able to get back on his feet now that his temperature is average.
  • Start the shower, apply shampoo on its body, cleanse it, brush its teeth with toothpaste, dry the tiger, trim its nails, and you're done.
  • Finally, let's dress up the tiger cub, which you may do with Christmas-themed clothes, shoes, and accessories because the holiday is even celebrated in the jungle.

How to play Cute Tiger Cub Care:

  • Touch the left mouse button or use your finger.

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