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Dog Simulator 3D

About Dog Simulator 3D


If you are an animal lover then Dog Simulator 3D is the best game for you. Experience the life of animals and enjoy a unique adventure in the wilderness.

You have complete control over the breed of dog and the skins it wears in this game. You have the option of playing for a wolf, a Dalmatian, a Bulldog, a Dachshund, a Doberman, a Shepherd, a Greyhound, or even a Tatar Shepherd!

You have to take advantage of every opportunity if you want to stay alive in the woods. Get experience by completing objectives, protecting yourself from other animals, and foraging for food. After gaining a level, the character has the option to spend experience points on increasing their health, attack points, or energy. There are also specific talents that give you the ability to make the animal move faster, gather more food, gain more resources for activities in the game, and so on.

Assist other canines in finding solutions to their issues. There are a lot of other dogs scattered over the universe of the game that is looking forward to getting your assistance. You will be tasked with a range of activities; some of them will be risky and will demand you to work together as a group, while others will allow you to kick back, relax, and just have fun.

Your dog will have the opportunity to start a new family. You will need to locate a partner in order to do this. You will be able to have pups in the not-too-distant future. You have a responsibility to provide for and nurture every member of your family, including feeding and otherwise bettering themselves. You have complete creative freedom over the outward presentation of your pets at any moment.

You have access to a sizable portion of farmland. Your companion animals will be able to take a break from the excitement of the journey here. You have the ability to open a wide range of various buildings, each of which will provide you with a benefit that will aid in the progression of your character.

How to play

  • Change gears to run.
  • To leap, use the space bar.
  • To move about, use the WASD or arrow keys.

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