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Doge Miner 2

About Doge Miner 2


Doge Miner 2 is a fun and funny game that you definitely cannot ignore. The entertainment of this game will make you turn your back and hard to leave the computer

It's only enjoyable if you're home alone and have nothing to do. Start a game of Doge Miner 2 if you're feeling depressed to get your spirits up. The narrative from the previous book is continued in this one. Your objective is to construct a space rocket and visit the moon. By mining Dogecoin, the first cryptocurrency based on a meme, you can fund our project. To construct the spacecraft that can make the voyage, you will need $50,000. Start by manually collecting money, then go on to automating your firm. Finding harmony between investments and earnings will make you feel on top of the world. The most thrilling financial adventure of your life awaits—are you up for it?

Funny mining simulation

Because of its simple gameplay mechanics, representatives of this genre have long been well-liked. You don't have to give them your whole attention or focus to play them. Alternate between other pursuits before returning to the game to make some changes. This book's central idea and execution are not novel. The distinctive sense of humour in the Doge Miner 2 clicker makes it stand out. Real-life occurrences and inside jokes from the Dogecoin community served as inspiration. The money became fully genuine as a result of the meme's continued out-of-control growth. You may still enjoy yourself and keep in mind how it all began, despite that.

How to play

This title works well in contemporary browsers, just like its predecessor. You may mine your first few Dogecoins by clicking on the rock structure. Spend the money on acquiring personnel and tools to automate the process. Keep the window open so you can watch the game without becoming involved. You can see how many coins you earn each second with the DPS indicator. Expand your personnel, invest in new tools, and make improvements. Running Doge Miner 2 online has the advantage of allowing you to store your progress. To upload your environment to the cloud, create an account. To use the file on other devices, download it.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies in the global economy seems to be a positive trend. Even so, not everyone should invest in them. This one is not very comforting since it was inspired by a Shiba dog meme. Try Doge Miner 2 for free if you're interested in the subject. While you surf the internet, hire some streamer kittens and give them some jobs to perform. Without being diverted from other chores, you may take your time playing the game. Play more, discover more about mythology, and broaden your horizons. Maybe you'll reach the moon one day.

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