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Drag Racing City

About Drag Racing City


Racing in the game Drag Racing City will surely satisfy you. Your task is to control your car to overcome all other opponents as quickly as possible.

In this game, you should not anticipate a tranquil stroll down the beach on a Sunday afternoon. It is essential that you maintain both your eyes on the road and your foot on the accelerator pedal at all times. Your goal is not complicated at all! You should be able to win any race you enter. You begin the game with a basic vehicle, but as you go through the game and win more races and build a reputation for yourself, you will earn money and be able to improve your vehicle or even purchase a more powerful one. As you make your way through the game, you'll be able to unlock each of the game's four distinct settings.


  • 4 distinct game modes
  • 4 distinct destinations need to be unlocked.
  • Many possibilities for personalizing one's automobile
  • 32 different autos to gather
  • Races with a lot of difficulties

Engaging gameplay

Every location offers a total of four unique game types, each of which may be played at one of many distinct difficulties. The amount of cash up for grabs grows along with the degree of challenge. To come in first place in a race, you need to beat out your competition at the finish line. To get a higher average speed, you will need to first accelerate your vehicle and then change gears when the speed pin enters the green zone. You can get an additional boost by using your nitro if you have it. Altering your vehicle's visual appearance is an option in addition to purchasing improvements that will boost your overall numbers.

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