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Dragon Simulator 3D


About Dragon Simulator 3D


Dragon Simulator 3D is a great simulation game for those who love this game genre, especially if you like mighty dragons, this game cannot be ignored.

You should begin your adventure by deciding on a name, color, and kind of elemental affinity for your dragon. You have the option of teaching your dragon to use the powers of nature, fire, ice, or air. The techniques and powers that come with each affinity are incredible. After you have finished personalizing your legendary creature, you may begin playing this dragon game.

Finish your work and work on building your strength.

Explore the enormous open world as you travel across it with your dragon companion. The flying mechanics in this game are intuitive, and the visuals are really stunning. Conversations with people and other animals, as well as the successful completion of objectives, will gain you prizes. Be careful, since if you assault the humans, they will defend themselves with arrows and other weapons and battle back against you.

There is also a multiplayer mode available for the dragon simulator, in which you can engage in player-versus-player combat with other people. In order to outmaneuver them and prevail in battle against them, you need to have outstanding flying abilities. This is another excellent offering from CyberGoldfinch, and it's one of the best free online games you can play.

The developer contest for CrazyGames 2019 was won by Dragon Simulator 3D! The beautiful visuals, intricate gameplay, and well-thought-out level design all left three of the judges feeling quite pleased with the game.

How to play

  • W, A, S, D, or arrows to move
  • Q to take off/landing
  • Space bar to jump/fly up
  • C to fly down
  • Left mouse button to do a ranged attack
  • Right mouse button to do a melee attack
  • H to hide interface
  • Shift to speed up
  • L to lock/unlock cursor

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