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Drive Monster

About Drive Monster


Drive Monster is the perfect representation of Fancade driving games. Control your monster car to conquer difficult obstacles arranged to challenge you.

With monster trucks in 3D currently available on our website, the game that we are overjoyed to bring to you right now is one that you are quite familiar with from your prior experiences. How much pleasure are you able to have with games that were developed by this developer?

Are you prepared to take the next step and become a Drive Monster?

Keep your mouse or finger on the right side of the screen to speed up your monster truck, and keep it on the left side of the screen to stop or slow down. Because the roads on the tracks are incomplete, you will need to navigate the course by hopping from one ramp and platform to the next without crashing or being trapped. The tracks are designed in this manner on purpose.

In such a situation, you will be at a disadvantage and will be required to begin the game again from the very beginning. You can expect each subsequent course to be more challenging than the one that came before it, but also more enjoyable to race through, therefore it is our sincere desire that you complete all of them in order to get the most out of this game.

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