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Description is a fun game that is bound to make you laugh. A lot of interesting things come to you when participating in this game. Fierce competition

This game's basic concept is that players enter a lobby where they are all shown the same film. It may be an old-school cat video, footage of a traffic accident, or any other strange occurrence that was recorded on tape. The gamers are offered four alternatives for the potential endings after seeing the first segment of the tape, which aids in understanding the setup. Choose the scenario you believe is most likely to occur, then watch the other scenarios to discover whether you were right. If your hypothesis was true, you will get coins. You may spend these coins to customize your avatar or to apply special benefits, such as eliminating two wrong alternatives from a round, purchasing an additional life, or increasing the payout.

Every current browser may be used to play Droll io, which is quite simple to grasp. Enjoy some of the funniest movies on the internet while chatting with others in the chat window. To win the game, you must have the most coins on the server. Can you complete each video puzzle that this game presents to you?

How to play

Watch famous online videos on to solve riddles! Explore hundreds of entertaining and unusual videos, attempt to anticipate the resolution before it happens, and debate the result with other players who are concurrently viewing the material with you!

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