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Duck Life

About Duck Life


Duck Life is a fun adventure game where you will train the duck to prepare for races. Practice separate subjects for your duck to get the best exercise.

In the video game Duck Life, you are left with nothing but a single duck egg after a devastating storm destroyed your previously prosperous farm. The only way for you to relive your golden days is to nurture this little duckling into a multi-talented racer who can win championships in a variety of categories. Is it possible for you to guide your duckling to victory in the competition and bring home the prize money necessary to restore your farm?

Because your future is dependent on just one tiny duck, you had best get started on teaching it right now. In order to achieve victory in this game, you must first instruct your duck in three distinct abilities before entering it into a competition. You may begin playing the game by selecting the play option from the main menu. Information pertaining to your duck will be shown at the very top of the screen. Among them are the many races branches your duckling has reached according to their level. You have swimming, flying, and running talents. To increase a skill first choose the train button, then choose a path from the menu that appears. When you first join a training session, you will be given information about the controls and the goal of the session. You should push yourself to go as far as you can. Remember to pick up any coins you find while you're out and about. You may use them in the in-game store to personalize your duck and purchase seeds to boost its health. You can also use these to buy other items. Once you're ready, you may enter a race!

How to control

  • To go forward or go backward, use the UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS, respectively.
  • To leap, click the left button of the mouse.
  • Drag the screen with your mouse to modify the direction in which you are flying.
  • To go left or right, use the arrow keys on the left or right side of your keyboard.

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