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Duck Life Battle

About Duck Life Battle


The ducks are back and more aggressive in the game called Duck Life Battle. In this game, you need to become stronger to confront other ducks.

Features of the thrilling game

  • You can give your duck any appearance you like by designing it.
  • A vast universe with six distinct regions to discover and a plethora of ducks to converse with
  • You have to find five different training dojos, and each one has five different training games.
  • Set your duck free to engage in more than 40 different conflicts.
  • One hundred distinct weapons and costumes are available for testing out
  • Music that is mesmerizing
  • Cute and endearing characters
  • Very stunning visuals
  • A variety of challenges to overcome and prizes to get
  • Can you obtain an A+ rank in every single training game to compete for online high scores?

In these 25 completely new minigames, you'll have the opportunity to hone your duck's strength, health, defense, speed, and special attack capabilities. You must compete against other ducks from around the world, take part in tournaments, and complete objectives in order to become the most skilled duck fighter in history.

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